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Sage Grouse Tours



The North Park Area Chamber of Commerce and the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife team up to offer you the opportunity to view the Greater Sage Grouse on their lek, or communal display grounds for their annual mating ritual.

Called the "Cock of the Plains" by early explorers, Lewis and Clark, the Greater Sage Grouse are the largest of the grouse species found in North America.

The public is invited to view this ritual on the weekend of April 22nd, 2023.  Trips will be limited to 12 persons each day, so get your reservations in early.

Each trip begins in Walden at 6:00 PM on Friday with an evening meal at one of the fine cafes, followed by a short program and question and answer session. The tour group will leave Walden at 4:30 AM the following morning.

Prices include your lodging arrangements for Friday and Saturday night at one of the listed facilities, breakfast on Saturday morning, snacks during the tour, dinner Friday, and transportation to the lek.

For additional information, please contact North Park Area Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 92 Walden, CO 80480, or by calling (970) 723-4600, or email to

To register online visit our chamber calendar.

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